Wattyl Forestwood Traditional Oil Stain adds colour to timber, but allows the grain to show through. Its oil-rich formula penetrates the timber to protect and enhance the colour. It is available in a range of popular timber colours. Wattyl Forestwood Traditional Oil Stain dries completely to give a surface that won’t mark clothing or skin.


Characteristics: An oil-rich penetrating stain that adds colour and protects whilst allowing the grain to show. Traditional Oil Stain offers a number of standard colour stain options to suit your environment, all available in convenient 250mL colour test pots to confirm your colour choice.


Use on: Bare timbers, weathered oil stain finishes, exterior timber weatherboards, gates, pergolas, fences, beams, timber retaining walls. Ideal for smooth and rough sawn timber.


Apply with: Brush or applicator Recoat: 24 hours minimum


Clean up: Mineral turpentine


Not sure what product you need? Try the Wattyl Project and Colour Guide Brochure